Bad Coffee Beans

Have you ever had a bad coffee?

For coffee snobs like us it can be very hard to find a tasty, full bodied and strong cuppa especially when we aren’t close to our favorite cafe or we are out on the road passing through a small town.

The funny thing is a coffee is just hot water filtered through grounded coffee beans

So how hard could it be to get it right?

Their are two parts to getting a coffee right…

  1. A well trained barista
  2. Good quality and fresh coffee beans

The best barista would have a hard time pleasing a coffee snob if his beans are average.

An average barista would be able to ‘out do’ a coffee master if their beans were awesome.

It is impossible to make something great with the first ingredient being average or worse

This sounds obvious when we break it down but how does this idea apply to the rest of our lives?

Where in your life are you trying to make great coffee with shitty beans?

Both Will Lose

When a conflict is happening neither side will feel that they are in the wrong

Even if one knows they are in the wrong they generally will defend their actions

It isn’t until both parties take full 100% (each) responsibility for what is going on and admitting that the other person is right that there can be a resolution

This is no easy feat to accomplish

It is the sole reason that wars break out, fights happen, arguments kick on for hours and why people hold grudges

Until you both see through each other eyes, no one wins the battle

Consider this next time someone doesn’t see eye to eye with you, they probably just want to be heard.

Where You Focus

“Where focus goes, energy flows”

You may have heard this quote in success based motivation videos or in a self help seminar and it is one of the truer sentences that I have come across.

When it comes to mastery of your body; do you focus on how far you have to go or how far you have come?

Do you focus on the fat you have or the fat you have lost?

Do you focus on the strength gains made or the difference between you and the guy who has been doing it for an extra decade?

Depending on which side of the experience you pick to focus on will give you a really good insight on why you’re stuck or why you are feeling the way you do about your progress.

You see when we focus on the negative side of things we always feel shitty about not being perfect, we can literally never win

When we focus on the success or the wins we seem to keep snowballing those wins and achieving more and more

“Where focus goes, energy flows”, remember this next time you’re stuck and you will be able to work how to get out of that plateau.


When people think of addicts they think of the alcoholics, the drug users and the broke gambler who puts having a punt in front of saving for his house or being with his family

These people generally get put in the same box as the criminals, the street gangs and that weird guy that’s always walking around the streets… People either feel sorry for them or they avoid them completely

The sad thing is that we are all addicts

Addicted to our phone, work, Instagram, Facebook, food, caffeine, money, fitness, gaming and what ever else that you can think of.

We always need to be stimulated or we look for one of our ‘addictions’ to pass the time

Does the fact that we are addicted to our phones make us better than someone addicted to alcohol?

Comparing our vice against their vice will always make us feel better about whatever we are doing but the real question is
Why are we so addicted to doing this?

Is it for the little dopamine rush we get when someone likes our post?


Do we actually rely on and feel comfortable with that mild anxiety from always being on and chasing more money?

These examples can go on forever but my challenge to myself and to you is a simple one

Stop judging other peoples addictions and trying to change them

Focus on yours and work out why you are doing it

If you don’t look now you may start looking for harsher and more exciting ways to distract yourself

This is what happened to the drug addict that you were judging last week..

Which way are you running?

The question has been asked of endurance athletes “are you running from something or running towards something?”

When we go to work to earn money we are either going to work towards bigger and better things or we are working in a comfortable space to avoid the growth we really want deep down inside

When we train our bodies or go on a diet we are either working towards a powerful and weaponized body that serves us and amplifies the rest of our life or we are training to escape disease, the feeling of self loathing or being the fat guy at the beach

These examples can go on and on but the biggest question I have for myself and for you today is very simple

Are you running away or are you running towards?

What It Takes

I am currently running an Instagram poll with the question of what is more important to you…

Getting leaner


Getting stronger

This is out of personal curiosity but at the same time it gives me ideas of things that I can help teach you 🙂

The poll is at 36% leaner / 64% stronger at the moment (feel free to vote on it by going to @matty.prince and checking out my story

Now what I wanted to write about today is what it take to have both

You see, strength and being lean aren’t mutually exclusive… 

You CAN and SHOULD aim to be both

Getting stronger won’t make you look like a super heavy weight powerlifter (unless you eat to look like that)

Getting leaner won’t make you look like a skinny giraffe (unless you eat to look like that)

So what does it really take to be strong AND lean at the same time??

  1. Consistency across the board

Once you work out what it takes within your training (generally 4-5 sessions per week of RF sessions if a non-athlete or if playing sport it’ll be 2-3 sessions per week) you need to lock those sessions in and NEVER miss one.

I am very regimented with my training and the reason for that is because if I don’t pre plan and lock in times to train, I simply get side tracked and it doesn’t get done.

Once you know what your week looks like make other peoples agendas work around you and your training, not the other way around

If you don’t take care of yourself no one else will for you…

In terms of food, get used to eating the same sort of stuff

Where most people fail is the simple fact that they over complicate nutrition and they try to be 100% strict for blocks of time

Both of these things lead to ah ‘F*** it’ moments where because it isn’t perfect they do the absolute opposite because I mean they have already stuffed up so now KFC and Ice Cream are the only logical options before they get back on the health train next Monday.

Be consistent, not perfect…

2. Work harder

To be strong, lean and constantly moving forwards takes work.

Skipping reps, skipping cardio, going a weight that doesn’t suck by the last few reps or even finishing conditioning and thinking “well that actually wasn’t that bad” are all signs that you can try harder

Running 500m can be an easy warm up


It can be the most brutal distance to run 

Know why you are doing what you’re doing and push accordingly

3. Train the right way

Athletes train with full body explosive movements and use strength and cardio training to amplify this

Walking on a cross trainer and doing isolated body building movements has it’s place but unless you are a body builder training 8-12 hours per week there are better ways that you can spend your time





Do body weight movements like pull ups, push ups, lunges etc


Carry stuff

^^^^ If you get really good at all of these things I will promise you with 100% certainty that you will not only be a weapon, you will look like one too…

4. Compete with yourself and if it helps you, compete with those around you

I train with Chaz and Jake (plus whoever else wants to jump in)

We talk shit to make each other better

We never compare ourselves against each other but if I am seen having a better crack than the boys they will compete to outwork me with their given weight

If I hit a 10kg PB they will aim for a 15kg PB

This is what training with a great group does, it makes everyone better

We all rise as one…

5. Have someone who knows the path lead you on it

Just remember that effort and consistency alone will take you a very long way but if you would like to be fast tracked you need someone who has taken others there before

At Royale we have taken guys from an 80kg bench press to 140kg+ whilst being shredded (it takes a few years to do this for the average person but it is worth the effort)

We have taken girls from just wanting to lose 10kg to becoming extremely high level athletes

We have taken guys from being severely limited by having a bad back and sore knees to squatting over 200kg

We have girls who with no athletic background have trained up and hit 42.2km Marathon runs

I don’t say any of this to scare you or to brag I simply want to point out that we know the path and we can help you hit your targets in a 1/3 of the time it would take going it alone

The only regrets that you will have when you start this journey is that you didn’t start it 4 years ago…

If you are ready to take your body to the next level just visit or shoot us a message and we will help you work out a plan of attack

Stay Strong
Matt ‘Do The Work’ Prince

Progress Over Perfection

I believe that our purpose in life is to expand and grow

Humans in general are always both more motivated, happier and more excited when they are growing forwards in anything

It could be in their bodies, finances, relationships and if your like me…

Even in getting better at sodoku’s feels really good (Tel and I completed a ‘hard’ one the other day <— Pretty proud of this) hahaha

It feels good to grow, we love it and in some ways that’s deep down all we strive for…

We just want to get better…

But there is one REALLY BIG problem that you may have faced

— The perfection trap —

Consider this for a few minutes

Why is it that when we hit our targets (aka: we actually progress) we criticise ourselves for the parts we did wrong 


we compare ourselves to someone elses progress 


we hit the target but then put our progress down and shift the ‘goal posts’ immediately after we just hit the goal

Let me give you an example: A guy comes into the gym with a target of hitting a 5kg bench press PB, he hits it.

He then rests for 3 minutes, goes for an extra 5kg and misses it.

He is now pissed off and miserable because he missed that new PB weight…

He comes off the bench and starts talking about how it was ugly and hit elbow flared out

He then takes it even further and looks across the room and sees someone lift an extra 20kg on top of his lifts, he is now even more ashamed of his awesome progress…

^^^ I unfortunately see this all the time 

I also see it in myself and others with things across all of the 5 dimensions:

Body – Mindset – Relationships – Business – Fun
What are we doing to ourselves??

What I try to remind myself is two key things:

  1. Progress over perfection (perfection doesn’t exist)
  2. My progress is my progress, it doesn’t matter what others are doing (I will use more advanced people to learn from but I wont down play my wins becasuse of anything that they are up to)

Set big targets and work your ass off to get them but my BIG challenge for you today is a simple one

Celebrate your wins…

Throw a party for it, eat some nice food, drink some chocolate milk I don’t care, do what ever you need to to feel good about your success

Then go out and start growing again knowing that you have grown before so you can do it again

Matt ‘ Growth Mindset’ Prince