What It Takes

I am currently running an Instagram poll with the question of what is more important to you…

Getting leaner


Getting stronger

This is out of personal curiosity but at the same time it gives me ideas of things that I can help teach you 🙂

The poll is at 36% leaner / 64% stronger at the moment (feel free to vote on it by going to @matty.prince and checking out my story

Now what I wanted to write about today is what it take to have both

You see, strength and being lean aren’t mutually exclusive… 

You CAN and SHOULD aim to be both

Getting stronger won’t make you look like a super heavy weight powerlifter (unless you eat to look like that)

Getting leaner won’t make you look like a skinny giraffe (unless you eat to look like that)

So what does it really take to be strong AND lean at the same time??

  1. Consistency across the board

Once you work out what it takes within your training (generally 4-5 sessions per week of RF sessions if a non-athlete or if playing sport it’ll be 2-3 sessions per week) you need to lock those sessions in and NEVER miss one.

I am very regimented with my training and the reason for that is because if I don’t pre plan and lock in times to train, I simply get side tracked and it doesn’t get done.

Once you know what your week looks like make other peoples agendas work around you and your training, not the other way around

If you don’t take care of yourself no one else will for you…

In terms of food, get used to eating the same sort of stuff

Where most people fail is the simple fact that they over complicate nutrition and they try to be 100% strict for blocks of time

Both of these things lead to ah ‘F*** it’ moments where because it isn’t perfect they do the absolute opposite because I mean they have already stuffed up so now KFC and Ice Cream are the only logical options before they get back on the health train next Monday.

Be consistent, not perfect…

2. Work harder

To be strong, lean and constantly moving forwards takes work.

Skipping reps, skipping cardio, going a weight that doesn’t suck by the last few reps or even finishing conditioning and thinking “well that actually wasn’t that bad” are all signs that you can try harder

Running 500m can be an easy warm up


It can be the most brutal distance to run 

Know why you are doing what you’re doing and push accordingly

3. Train the right way

Athletes train with full body explosive movements and use strength and cardio training to amplify this

Walking on a cross trainer and doing isolated body building movements has it’s place but unless you are a body builder training 8-12 hours per week there are better ways that you can spend your time





Do body weight movements like pull ups, push ups, lunges etc


Carry stuff

^^^^ If you get really good at all of these things I will promise you with 100% certainty that you will not only be a weapon, you will look like one too…

4. Compete with yourself and if it helps you, compete with those around you

I train with Chaz and Jake (plus whoever else wants to jump in)

We talk shit to make each other better

We never compare ourselves against each other but if I am seen having a better crack than the boys they will compete to outwork me with their given weight

If I hit a 10kg PB they will aim for a 15kg PB

This is what training with a great group does, it makes everyone better

We all rise as one…

5. Have someone who knows the path lead you on it

Just remember that effort and consistency alone will take you a very long way but if you would like to be fast tracked you need someone who has taken others there before

At Royale we have taken guys from an 80kg bench press to 140kg+ whilst being shredded (it takes a few years to do this for the average person but it is worth the effort)

We have taken girls from just wanting to lose 10kg to becoming extremely high level athletes

We have taken guys from being severely limited by having a bad back and sore knees to squatting over 200kg

We have girls who with no athletic background have trained up and hit 42.2km Marathon runs

I don’t say any of this to scare you or to brag I simply want to point out that we know the path and we can help you hit your targets in a 1/3 of the time it would take going it alone

The only regrets that you will have when you start this journey is that you didn’t start it 4 years ago…

If you are ready to take your body to the next level just visit www.rfbacchusmarsh.com/application or shoot us a message and we will help you work out a plan of attack

Stay Strong
Matt ‘Do The Work’ Prince

Progress Over Perfection

I believe that our purpose in life is to expand and grow

Humans in general are always both more motivated, happier and more excited when they are growing forwards in anything

It could be in their bodies, finances, relationships and if your like me…

Even in getting better at sodoku’s feels really good (Tel and I completed a ‘hard’ one the other day <— Pretty proud of this) hahaha

It feels good to grow, we love it and in some ways that’s deep down all we strive for…

We just want to get better…

But there is one REALLY BIG problem that you may have faced

— The perfection trap —

Consider this for a few minutes

Why is it that when we hit our targets (aka: we actually progress) we criticise ourselves for the parts we did wrong 


we compare ourselves to someone elses progress 


we hit the target but then put our progress down and shift the ‘goal posts’ immediately after we just hit the goal

Let me give you an example: A guy comes into the gym with a target of hitting a 5kg bench press PB, he hits it.

He then rests for 3 minutes, goes for an extra 5kg and misses it.

He is now pissed off and miserable because he missed that new PB weight…

He comes off the bench and starts talking about how it was ugly and hit elbow flared out

He then takes it even further and looks across the room and sees someone lift an extra 20kg on top of his lifts, he is now even more ashamed of his awesome progress…

^^^ I unfortunately see this all the time 

I also see it in myself and others with things across all of the 5 dimensions:

Body – Mindset – Relationships – Business – Fun
What are we doing to ourselves??

What I try to remind myself is two key things:

  1. Progress over perfection (perfection doesn’t exist)
  2. My progress is my progress, it doesn’t matter what others are doing (I will use more advanced people to learn from but I wont down play my wins becasuse of anything that they are up to)

Set big targets and work your ass off to get them but my BIG challenge for you today is a simple one

Celebrate your wins…

Throw a party for it, eat some nice food, drink some chocolate milk I don’t care, do what ever you need to to feel good about your success

Then go out and start growing again knowing that you have grown before so you can do it again

Matt ‘ Growth Mindset’ Prince

Where Do I Go From Here?

One of the hardest things that I go through often (am currently going through right now) is once I have hit the target or goal that I wanted to hit…

What’s next?

There is always more pain and frustration in not knowing where to direct your focus and energy than there is of pain doing the work when you are clear

A big part of the problem is that when we do hit our targets/goals we don’t get the praise, the feeling or we even don’t just give the appreciation from ourselves for the growth and the work we did to knock that thing over
So the question pops up…

Where do I go from here?

Most of the time we just set a new target by ‘moving the goal posts’ from our old target 

For example…

I want to lose 10kg – Loses 10kg, now wants another 10kg

I want to hit 36 training sessions in 12 weeks – hits that and ups it to 48

I want to do a competition or race – hits it and looks for a different comp

—- This is a big No – No —-

The reason it’s a big NO-NO isn’t because the goal is bad, it is the excitement and leverage around it that is bad

There isn’t enough passion or fire to fuel the work required and the progress won’t be as fast or exciting as the first time around
So what do I do you ask?

The question that I sit with and I would encourage you to sit with as you go through these chaotic times is a simple one but we often forget to ask it as we are too busy looking for the target…

“Who do I want to become and what habits, skillsets and mindsets do I need to get there?”

I know this is deep and will probably throw you into a spiral for a bit but if you get serious on this question it can really shape a new future

You see it isn’t the result that is exciting or the ‘win’, it is the journey towards it…

The old me couldn’t hit that target

The old me couldn’t stay focused on that habit

The old me would never of been able to do XYZ…

Once you get a little clearer on the “WHO” then it is time to start looking at the “WHAT” – The habits, mindsets and skillsets that you need to acquire

This is an ongoing process and really isn’t easy for anyone so please don’t feel alone, my darkest times are in periods after big wins and from talking to people that is a normal thing

The trick is to not let the win stop your momentum, it is to literally pat yourself on the back and work out the next evolution of you

If you find this helpful please feel free to share it with a friend or family member that may be drifting, it is a strange place to be so help be thier inspiration

Let’s goooooo

Matt ‘Kaizen’ Prince

Is RF Australia’s Strongest Gym?


I am excited
On Saturday we have a team entering a strongman competition that will crown the winners as the STRONGEST gym in Aus and NZ
There are teams from everywhere flying in to compete and we have our very own crew entering to ‘flex there muscle’ so to speak…
The rules are:
1 Coach:
Chaz (he has a great background in strongman and even competed in front of the man Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Melbourne Exhibition Center the other year, Chaz is a super athlete and is the most versatile guy I know, he ran 50kms just the other most and is already back to the strongest I have seen him)
1 Guy Over 100kg:
Gannon (currently the all around strongest beast we have, bench press 175kg, can carry anything, squatted 220kg last week and is a great stubborn competitor which goes along way in these comps)
1 Guy Under 100kg:
Shane (everyone knows Shane but not everyone knows that he is priming himself to make it to the Arnolds like Chaz did, he is the strongest that I have ever seen him and he also is a ruthless competitor)
2 Girls under 75kg:
Aly (she pause squatted 140kg last week, benched 62.5kg x2, has deadlifted 150kg, is strong everywhere and I believe she is the kind of girl who gets better when challenged so a comp will bring the best out in her for sure)
Em (I’d go as far as saying that Em has had the biggest strength gains out of anyone in the past year at RF, she has been doing extra self sessions, asking questions and working relentlessly on her form. She is great at the carry side of strongman so I think she will do an amazing job during this comp)
We have hints of what the events are but we are not 100% sure and we definately have not trained specifically for this.
One thing for sure is this
When our gym gets an invite to Australias Strongest Gym it is a proud moment and a great sign of what we are doing is working and getting noticed
I am excited to watch the crew and see how they go and I am extremely grateful that this team is representing us as Royale and I know they will do great
Get around them and if you are interested the event will be held Saturday night at 7pm in Castlemaine, I believe the details will be on Stand and Submits Instagram page
Let’s gooooooooo.
Matt ‘Proud Gym Dad’ Prince

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Become A Master

Last night I watched a Japanese pay per view MMA fight card so I could see my favourite kickboxer and all around great bloke ‘John’ Wayne Parr have a crack at his 100th win
Now the reason I have such a vested interest in JWP is that I was fortunate enough to train with him earlier in the year at his gym in Burliegh Heads
He taught me some cool stuff but the main thing I took from him was that even though he is one of the most accomplished kickboxers on the planet, also a really nice guy also (with 10 world championships, has Joe Rogan talk to him and is known by basically everyone who is a fighter)
>>> He is what I would call a master in the sport of Muay Thai
I know that you may be reading this and thinking ‘well der’ everyone who has had almost 150 professional fights, trained for over 30 years and has dedicated his life to getting better should be a master…
I agree but I also think that we can take what he has done and apply it to our lives, our training, our business and our hobbies
Imagine if we applied that daily growth, the daily practice and the daily committed and consistent work like JWP has put in and direct that towards something that matters to us
> Body
> Mindset
> Family / Relationships
> Business / Careers
> Fun
The coolest thing is that we CAN grow in these areas.
We CAN get better.
We CAN become masters of whatever we want to.
It is just going to take consistent, hard work over a very long period of time
If you look deep enough you will find something that you want to master and this blog post is your permission to go and get after it
Be somebodies inspiration
Matt Prince
The 5 Dimensional Strength Coach
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P.P.S. For those of you who are wondering if he won, he lost and I think he was robbed but that is the fight game and there is nothing he can do except for prepare for his next fight in Boxing with Anthony Mundine

Don’t See A Doctor For That

Doctors are amazing
They save lives, they cure illness, they spot major health issues and do heaps more
What they aren’t so amazing at is fixing and rehabbing an injury
I am sure there are some that have a huge expertise in the area but as a general rule of thumb the main advice doctors give to a strain or a sore joint in rest completely until it’s better and take some anti-inflams
Now contrast this to what actually needs to happen
– Treatment (I’d suggest 9 times out of 10 to see a good osteo <– Riley who has his business set up out of RF is amazing if you’re lost here)
– Bloodflow: Movement and heat usually helps to get new blood into the area
– Light ‘rehabby’ strength work: To bring back to full function
– Eat well (to keep inflammation down)
– *If all of this is getting done and your treatment expert refers you on, then it’s time to see the doc for further investigations
Notice how in no way that list contains rest…
Resting and not training because one area of your body is sore is not only  unnecessary but usually a huge no-no if you ask me
I tell you all of this because most people don’t know who to see when there body is hurt
In my opinion Body Pain = Osteo and Sick = Doc
— Let me tell you a story about Cam —
Cam broke his elbow (completely smashed it up, needed surgery and even to this day it still doesn’t straighten)
He wanted to keep improving in his strength, fitness and body goals even though it was a 9 month process to get it back to being usable
I suggested we train his other arm, legs, core and cardio and he agreed to let me trial a theory that I has read in a study but hadn’t tested yet
The study suggested that there is a 30%+ carry over in strength AND size gains if you just train one side of the body
This is to do with the central nervous system not having a clue that you are only using one arm, it just knows to get stronger to lift the weights put on it…
With Cam we were able to build him up to mastery of the kettlebell, he was throwing around ‘the beast’ 48kg kettlebell, one arm deadlifts, squats and heaps more
When he came back to full health, we rehabbed his other arm starting with 4-8kg then 12kg ect and within 3 months he could clean and press the beast on his now fixed broken elbow
This was when I realised that there is no good time to rest for a long period
If we had of rested he would probably have gained back the weight he had lost, he would of had a longer recovery AND he may have never started back training which would have left him worse off than before he started
It taught me to train consistently and just do what I can when I have injuries
Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you so you know iof something happens, it isn’t the end of the world, it is just the start of working out how to come back bigger and stronger than ever…
Happy lifting my friends
Matt Prince
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Simple Not Easy

No one EVER said that it was going to be easy..
I am a simple man
I like simple ideas, I eat meat and veg most nights and I have the same lunch every single day
My routines for training don’t change from week to week (programs do but the times are locked in)
I even find myself doing the exact same things every morning when I wake up…
There has been a few times where people have asked me for advice and as I give them the answers that have worked for me OR the thousands of people that I have coached over the past 11 years
I can see in their eyes that they aren’t going to do it…
Some people have asked me about big goals like Ultra runs, some about lifting, some about mobility or injuries and some about losing weight
Every answer I give I always aim to leave out the BS that seems exciting and new but in the end just like everything else, they only work for around 6 weeks
^^^ We are always attracted to new and shiny, kinda like ‘the grass is greener on the other side thing’ ^^^
What we usually find is that the new and shiny thing requires work and discipline too OR even worse it just flat out doesn’t work
I am sharing these thoughts with you for one reason
I want to challenge you to DO THE SIMPLE AND BORING WORK that is required to be great at whatever it is you are chasing down
Want to get leaner??? Cut down your junk food and increase your colourful vegies…
Want to get stronger??? Lift heavy things more often… (ask your coach what to do and
they will 100% tell you, we get a kick out of seeing people work hard and do well)
Want to get better at a sport or specific event??? Do that event as often as you can recover from it…
I know this sounds too simple or basic but that doesn’t mean that its easy
It will take effort, discipline, focus, self control, self drive and even a huge investment of time and possibly money
As I wrap this up today I want to give you (and myself) some homework
Pick the thing you want to improve on and work out the most basic and simple step one that will lead you towards it… from there just do the thing every day until it is either accomplished or you need to reset your target
I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me
Do the homework and see what happens over the next few months
Matt Prince
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