Is It All Worth It? (Lessons From Avicii)

I have this weird love, sadness and obsession with the late artist Avicii

This started way back when I first heard his breakout songs ‘Levels’ and ‘Seek Bromance’ around 2010-11

Ever since I have always had at least 3 of his songs in my daily rotation, gym playlists and even in my top 5 favourite songs…

I remember last year when I read the news that Avicii was found dead at the age 28, it was just a few days after my 28th birthday and I even remember the café I was at in Port Arlington when I read it. Continue reading “Is It All Worth It? (Lessons From Avicii)”

Accommodating Resistance – The RF Breakdown

Bands and chains have been made famous by Westside Barbell and with the strength results that they have achieved using them it triggered me to look deep into their methods and trial out using their systems on myself and some of the RF members

Due to the massive arguments and worldwide debates from strength coaches and the industry ‘authorities’ I had some doubts on if what Louie was teaching would be bullshit or not.

As with everything results ALWAYS beat theory.

I am lucky that I live chasing results rather than by trusting the experts who sit behind a laptop all day or in a commercial gym where they simply aren’t even allowed to play with chalk let alone chains and bands all over their bars. Continue reading “Accommodating Resistance – The RF Breakdown”

F*** Your Ideal

I have struggled with this problem for my whole life where I will hit an achievement, a target, a goal, a milestone or whatever you want to call it and once I have hit that thing I have felt nothing.

I have hit these ideals that I wanted so bad and once I am there it is like I have just been told I stood in dog shit

You may have been through this too

Continue reading “F*** Your Ideal”

It Is As Powerful As Mike Tyson’s Left Hook…

It has hit me multiple times and every time it has felt like one of ‘Iron Mike’s’ famous power punches.

I had put in all of the work to get my body, my business, my relationships, my mindset and my social life all in check by hitting all of my targets and living the results that I chose to create.

In the growth to this space there was a heap of roadblocks


Clients leaving

Financial stress

Lack of time Continue reading “It Is As Powerful As Mike Tyson’s Left Hook…”

Create Space – Podcast Episode #111

Create space so that you expand into that space…

What do I do when I have a million tasks, an argument with my wife, a real estate deal and multiple business jobs that need taking care of ASAP?

In this episode we dive into a concept that is absolutely life changing for every single person who dives into the game of meditation and floatation therapy.

If you are a person who gets tired, burntout or just find yourself not thinking clearly or staying focused this is an episode that you will want to check out


You can check the full episode HERE

Why Strongman? – Guest Post By Charlton Butt

I’ll start with why I started, and the obvious, should you ever attend a competition; it’s fucking fun!!

Chaz and Mamont

Biased yes, but strongman training is the most fun way to get strong and turn into an animal!

Believe me. I think the thought of doing strongman for a ‘purpose’ never crossed my mind, I saw logs, tyres and farmers carries and just thought “OATH! Let me get in on that”.

Little did I realise the benefits it would give not only to my body, but more importantly my mind.

No matter what sport you’re in, “strength is never a weakness, weakness is never a strength” – Mark Bell. Continue reading “Why Strongman? – Guest Post By Charlton Butt”